Britney proves she’s still a leading force in pop music with her Las Vegas show Piece of Me, grossing $10.9 million to date, according to Caesars Entertainment. All 16 performances through Feb. 22 were sold out (72,000 tickets total).

Britney’s embraced Vegas, and Vegas embraced her back. Keith Caulfield, Billboard’s associate director of charts, isn’t surprised she’s on top.

“It should be selling out,” says Caulfield, noting the venue’s small size (4,600 capacity) compared to the “10,000-, 15,000-, 20,000-seat arenas that would sell out” on tour. And with 98 shows sprinkled out over two years, “she’s not playing every night, so there’s going to be a fair number of fans planning their Vegas trip this summer or later this year (around) Britney. You can’t just assume that all of Britney’s diehard fans flew to Vegas in the period of two or three months.”

“Since December, Spears’ residency has been the top-searched topic on, says Jennifer Whitehair, the site’s content director, adding that the big numbers make sense given Vegas’ shifting demographics,” reports USA Today.

“(Fans) really got what they wanted to see from her,” Whitehair says. “It’s a huge audience that’s been underserved in Vegas for a while, this younger demographic, so you’re going to continue to see interest in shows like Britney” and other “club-like” entertainment.

Could her ticket sales slip as the initial awe wears off? Not likely, Caulfield says, given that people who wouldn’t come to Vegas specifically to see Britney are still likely to buy her tickets through a concierge or broker once they get there.

“It’s not necessarily front-loaded,” he says. “It’ll probably still continue to do well and continue to sell out, that’s the assumption.”

The Queen remains the Queen!