Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me – Aug. 22

August 22, 2015 By Jordan Miller

They want moar? Well I’ll give em moar.

Britney Spears Performs Piece Of Me - Aug. 22

We can get down like there’s no one around.

It was a great week to be a fan of Britney Spears! Not only did she stun at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, Britney performed four Piece Of Me shows (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday show updates) and made a special appearance at a back-to-school event with kids in downtown Las Vegas for the NCCF.

On Saturday, Britney returned for her last show of the week before gearing up for next week’s shows beginning Wednesday, Aug. 26.

See photos of Britney performing her Friday (Aug. 21) show here and that night’s Meet & Greets here.

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We keep on watchin’.