Britney Spears wanted to take a nice Hawaiian vacation to reportedly get in shape, find a house to stay in for a few months, and work on her next album. The relaxing part came to an abrupt halt when she received a call from a friend and was directed to Internet photos of hubby Kevin Federline and French actress Sandy Lakdar draped all over each other. Reports from the island detail that Brit was outraged and “went ballistic.”

Life & Style phoned the 25-year old Lakdar in Paris and will report in this week’s Friday edition that she gives the famous Angelina Jolie excuse that she doesn’t sleep with married men, only she uses some saltier language. Speaking exclusively to Life & Style on Feb. 23, Sandy said via telephone from Paris that she first met Kevin the day the photos were taken, while he was rehearsing at the studio. She insisted that they’re just friends, adding:

“I do not f— married men.” (Pardon my French?)

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