A Britney Spears song in a time capsule? Perhaps, if the wickedly subversive Richard Thompson is doing the packing.

Thompson sings Spears’ Oops! … I Did it Again on an upcoming live CD for which he credits ******* magazine for the idea. The magazine asked Thompson in 1999 to submit a list of the 10 greatest songs of the millennium.

“This, if taken literally, is a laughable idea, so I called their pretentious bluff and started in 1000 A.D.,” he told The Associated Press in an e-mail.

The magazine wouldn’t print it, but it gave Thompson the idea for a fun concert. The set list ranges from a 13th-century Italian ballad to Hank Williams to Spears.

“It is great fun to play, being an insane toboggan ride through musical styles,” he said. “It is never dull.”

Thompson is also releasing Front Parlour Ballads, his first solo acoustic album since 1981, in August. It’s the start of a busy stretch: His 1000 Years of Popular Music CD and DVD will be out in the fall, as will another live CD and DVD of a 2001 performance on Austin City Limits and his soundtrack to Grizzly Man.

Oh, and a five-CD boxed set of classic and unreleased tracks.

“I’m sure we can work out some easy payment plan for the fans,” he joked.

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