The pop star’s legal team claims she does not object to the conservatorships in place.

Jamie Spears recently temporarily stepped down as Britney’s personal conservator after Kevin Federline took out a restraining order against him following a physical altercation between Mr. Spears and Britney and Kevin’s eldest son, Sean. Mr. Spears is banned from having contact with the boys for at least three years. On paper, Mr. Spears claimed the move to change conservators was due to health issues. A woman named Jodi Montgomery is now in charge of Britney until at least January 31st, 2020 – she controls who Britney can and can’t see, and has access to her medical records. It’s worth mentioning Mr. Spears is still the conservator over Britney’s finances.

According to new court docs filed by Britney’s lawyers, obtained by The Blast, the singer is cool with being in personal and financial conservatorships and has no objection to the newly configured situation.

Britney’s court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, says the reason Britney did not attend Monday’s court hearing was because “she does not object to the proposed temporary conservator or prefer another temporary conservator.”

In earlier court docs, Mr. Spears said Britney was “able but unwilling” to attend that hearing.

The site writes, “Britney Spears has made it clear through her legal team she is totally fine with being under a conservatorship.” They add: “Britney’s court-appointed attorney told the court he spoke with his client and the star has no issue with the current legal situation she is in, and has no objections to the conservatorship.”

Interestingly, the public has yet to hear from Britney herself if she is OK with this situation. Instead, the people who make hundreds of thousands of dollars from the conservatorship are the ones making the assurance.

You may recall Britney reportedly tried hiring a lawyer named Jon Eardley in 2008 to help her fight the conservatorship, but was denied after the legal restraints were put in place. Mr. Spears filed a restraining order against Eardley that year, claiming he caused “substantial emotional distress” to Britney. Eardley wanted her to testify in court to back up his claims that she did indeed try to enlist his services to contest the conservatorship, but it never happened. In that same year, leaked voicemails that are believed to be left by Britney back up Eardley’s claims. The woman can be heard saying she feared her kids would be taken away and mentions Eardley by name. Britney’s team labelled the voicemails as fraudulent.

Cut to 2019, Britney is still entangled in the conservatorship, typically meant for someone incapacitated, yet proved she can endure multiple tours, residencies, album promotions and interviews. Additionally, her custodial time has been reduced.

The cancellation of **********, Britney’s disappearance from paparazzi and social media and the #FreeBritney campaign sparked by the BritneysGram podcast – which claimed Britney was being held against her will at a mental health facility – created a ripple effect in Britney’s life. The judge overseeing her conservatorship case wanted answers.

She requested an overall mental health evaluation on the singer and an internal investigation on everyone intimately connected to the conservatorship. That included Britney’s doctor, who suddenly died last month weeks before the court hearing to discuss his review.

The new claims that Britney is perfectly fine with the conservatorship contradict earlier reports from Britney’s court hearing in May. She appeared with mom Lynne and her lawyers in direct opposition of Mr. Spears. According to TMZ, Britney told the judge she was held against her will at a mental health facility, was given medication she did not want to take and asked to dissolve the conservatorship. Mr. Spears countered his daughter’s request by filing to extend the conservatorship into 12 additional states outside of California. That includes Hawaii, where Britney is currently vacationing.

The next court hearing is scheduled for September 18th.

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