Britney Spears Obsessed With Princess Dianna

February 20, 2006 By Jordan Miller

HOLLYWOOD – Britney Spears’ obsession with the late Princess Diana, which has worried the singer’s friends for some time, became public knowledge last week when Ms. Spears told People magazine, “The paparazzi killed Princess Di, and they’re fixin’ to kill me next.”

According to a close friend, Ms. Spears’ obsession with Princess Diana began last summer when Ms. Spears read The Murder Of Princess Diana by Noel Botham.

“It was all she could talk about for weeks,” said the friend. “By the time Sean Preston was born, Britney was buying Princess Di memorabilia on eBay like there was no tomorrow.”

Eventually Ms. Spears had acquired so much Princess Di kitsch that she had one of the several rec rooms in her Malibu mansion converted into a Princess Di museum, much to the consternation of Ms. Spears’ husband Kevin Federline Spears.

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