Don’t shoot the messenger.


You’ve heard it all before, and I-E-I-E-I.

You’d probably need to use both hands to count how many times Britney’s new song “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy had a rumored release date.

At one point, fans were informed the song would drop in May ahead of her Billboard Music Awards performance, but after supposed production issues, the song premiere saw a delay. Every week since, a new report suggests when the rumored date is and cites a possible answer for the push back. Most recently, the Britney Army rallied the troops when a report from The Sun suggested her team is scrambling to figure out what to do because RCA is allegedly unsure about her finalized vocals on the track. BreatheHeavy logically debunked that. BreatheHeavy logically debunked that. One reason we included was a German radio station adding the song to their roster which resulted in their listeners frantically voting for it. Turns out, they made a mistake – the song they thought was “Make Me” turned out to be something else entirely, but the miscommunication did provide some insight. One BreatheHeavy member emailed the station out of frustration, and received a response from them explaining the mishap and claims they received word from Britney’s label the song should drop by the end of July.

No one has confirmed or denied the July claim, however Capital FM updated their website this weekend to include Britney’s song title in the “coming soon” section:


Not trying to get your hopes up too high for a July release, but the song was recently registered on APRAAMCOS which listed Britney and G-Eazy as performers, but they updated the results to exclude her name now.


Where there’s smoke… there’s FIYA!

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