She knows she shouldn’t have kept you waiting, but she’s here now.


The world will change come Friday, May 20 when Britney Spears releases her new song “Make Me.”

“Make Me” (now without the “Oooh”) will premiere online two days before her Billboard Music Awards medley where she’ll reportedly perform it with a string of other hits. A screen cap from a Sony music affiliate confirms the release date.


According to recent reports, Britney already filmed a music video for the song.

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“The single and the video will thrill fans because it’s all new, totally different and somewhat unexpected,” a source told the Las Vegas Sun several weeks ago. “It’s different; it’s a turn. She’s gone from pretty straight-forward pop to a really interesting vibe with a lot of really cool stuff.”

“Everyone knows Britney brings in massive ratings, so it was a no-brainer for producers to try and get her on board,” a source told the Daily Star Online.

“With her new single dropping a couple of days before the show timing couldn’t be more perfect. She is in the best shape of her life so the performance is set to be a massive return to the top.”

The pop icon’s longevity and influence will also be honored at the show with Billboard’s Millennium Award, which has previously acknowledged Whitney Houston and Beyoncé.

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