Queen Amidala and the Princess of Pop are an unstoppable force.

Natalie Portman revealed how Britney Spears and she became two peas in a pod.

During her appearance on A Little Late With Lilly Singh, host Lilly Singh wanted to appease inquiring minds. She asked about the origins of their unlikely friendship.

“We, very coincidentally, were understudies for the same show when we were kids. So we both were, like, child actresses,” Portman said. 👯‍♀️


She added: “[Britney] understudied and then she got the part in The Mickey Mouse Club and she left and I took over for her. And so then when we were, like, 18 and both of us had had different careers. She obviously became a pop icon and I was acting and then we met up again and we were like, ‘we both had the same first job. That’s wild.'”

Portman also recalled the iconic party the two threw together.

“She was really great.”

Portman didn’t clarify whether they’re still in touch, but imagine the text message chain if they were. 🤯

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