Unsolicited advice from all angles and corners are telling pop tart Britney Spears to get rid of hubby Kevin Federline. Even a recent poll told the star to dump her hubby. Mom knows best? Though most have no business telling Brit what to do with her marriage, one person probably can give the new mom to Sean Preston some very good advice. Brit’s mom Lynne Spears. Lynne moved in with the couple shortly after the pair brought their newborn baby home, and a friend of Britney now dishes to the Star Magazine that Mom “seems to think that Kevin is a huge freeloader.” The insider says Lynne is genuinely concerned that if Kevin continues to spend Brit’s cash at the current pace – he’ll deplete her assets. Brit’s mom is very worried that Kevin could leave Brit in financial ruin, the Star item states. Even with Brit’s massive $120 million, Mom sounds worried if this ‘friend’ is correct. The friend adds: “I wouldn’t be surprised if Lynne bluntly told Britney ‘Cut your losses and move on.” Divorce may be the only option – the friend speculates to the Star. So – does Mom know best? Only time will tell.

Credit: britneyglamour

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