The lesson is simple: if you ever plan to warble skimpily on MTV, don’t throw anything away! reports that a primary school assignment by reigning pop covergirl Britney Spears is being auctioned.

The book review — about children’s book Raymond’s Run — even contains spelling mistakes by the then eight or nine year old Britney. The missed out words and grammatical errors lend an air of authenticity to the report, seeming rather Britney-like, if one were to compare it to her recent rounds of sabbatical-driven fan-correspondence.

A decidedly unimpressed teacher has written ‘Proof-read’, ‘Messy’ over the scribbling with green crayon motif possibly lending itself to that remark – and ‘Don’t write on the back’ on the essay, plastering question marks all over it.

The clincher, however, is that the undated work goes on sale at Christie’s in New York on December 17, and is expected to fetch approximately a thousand dollars. Thanks


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