The world is rooting for Britney, especially those closest to her.

Fans are still processing the news that Queen B has reportedly checked herself into a mental health facility to deal with emotional stress.

After months of silence, and without one single photograph surfacing of the singer, Britney suddenly returned when she posted a quote on Instagram with a caption that said she was enjoying a bit of “me time.” 20 minutes later, TMZ broke the news that Britney was admitted to a mental health facility. It appears Team B caught wind of TMZ’s impending report and tried softening the blow with a post on Britney’s Instagram first.

Here’s what you need to know.

Britney is “doing better.”

That’s a quote from E! News, who adds via a source she’s in the facility to “rejuvenate and rest.”

“Britney decided to do this on her own,” their source said of Britney choosing to seek treatment. “It had a lot to do with the stress of her father, but both Jamie and Britney are doing much better. It’s the hope that in the next week or so everything will be more stabilized, but she’ll be at this wellness facility for a few weeks.”

“She’s already been there for a week,” the source continued. “It’s not a rehab for drugs or alcohol, not a place she formally checks into and begins a ‘program,’ per say. This place affords her the opportunity to rejuvenate and rest, it gives her the ability to recharge with some real peace and quiet, so she’s taking a few weeks to do that.”

ET also has an update on Britney’s current state. Their unnamed source had this to say: “She seems to be on a constant roller coaster and can’t get off. She is finally getting the help she needs,” the source shared. “She is the one who finally decided she needed help and made the decision to manage her own emotions. She finally realized it was affecting her everyday life and even her relationships. She wants to feel better and more relaxed and taking time to focus on herself truly is her only option. It has been a rough year. While those closest to her have encouraged her to get help, she finally decided on her own it was time.”

They also added she’s recently been “isolating” herself from the outside world.

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Kevin Federline commends Britney for seeking treatment, but is reportedly considering asking for more money.

The world has a volatile relationship when it comes to Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, but it’s worth mentioning he’s taking care of their two sons, Sean and Jayden, while Britney is away. The Blast reports Kevin currently has “90% custody” of the boys, and may ask a judge for more money from Britney per month while she seeks treatment. This is in addition to the recent payment increase a judge granted last year to the tune of thousands more per month. Britney was also required to cover his legal fees to the sum of $100,000.

Kevin’s longtime custodial lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, had this to say: “Kevin commends Britney for recognizing that she needs to take a step back and that she is taking the reasonable steps to dealing with her situation in a responsible way,’ Kaplan told ET. “He wishes everyone well.”

Jamie Lynn shows her support

Jamie Lynn didn’t directly comment on the situation, but she ha a message of love and support for her older sister. JL shared a never-before-seen photo of the two when they were kids.

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Yup, she rode the bus home with me after my first day of school, cuz she’s the fn best #WCW ?‍♀️?

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Mom Lynne shows love.

Lynne took to Instagram to also share some kind words.

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Sam Asghari says Britney’s move to seek treatment is a sign of strength.

Fans speculated for months whether Britney and Sam were still a couple, but Asghari put the rumors to rest when he posted an inspirational quote on Instagram.

“It isn’t weakness, It’s a sign of absolute strength, people should only be inspired by this, at least I am,” he said of Britney’s decision to get treatment. He ended it with #stronger

The Blast reports Britney and Sam were in communication as recent as Tuesday via phone.

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Celine Dion sends Britney love and light.

Celine knows what it’s like to be dealing with family health struggles in the spotlight. She tells ET: “Right now she needs courage, so I’m sending her all my courage, and my inner strength, and my stability, and the love and respect I do have for other artists,” Dion said.

“It’s hard sometimes… but, you know, when you go [through] something hard, especially [with] a family member, you find strength within yourself you did not know you had,” Dion continued. “I do not know her so personally, but, after a while, when you go through something tough, you come back stronger.”

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Where do we go from here?

The news is difficult to digest, but I’d like to point out that seeking professional medical help to deal with one’s mental health is a huge step in the right direction. Your mind is the NUMBER ONE most important asset in life. Someone can have all the fame, fortunate, family and love in the world, but if you’re not in a positive place mentally… it’s meaningless. Huge props to Britney. I, like the rest of the world, wish her nothing but peace, health and wellness.

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