The pop star enjoys a little me time.

It’s wild that after all these years, the paparazzi crush is back in full effect. Photogs captured Britney dining solo at an Italian restaurant (unless you consider her bodyguard company) in Agoura Hills, CA, on Monday (May 27). X17online speculates Britney and Sam Asghari broke up because she ate alone (sigh).

See what Exhale is saying about this.

On her way to the car, a photog asks if she’s going to perform again. It sounds like Britney responds with “I think so,” but the incessant snapping of the camera and inherent chaos surrounding a mundane trip to grab a bite drowns her out. Britney’s security guard did his best to shield her from photogs by holding an umbrella up.

Elsewhere in the world of Britney, a judge will decide if her restraining order against Sam Lutfi, filed on behalf of her lawyers, will get an extension. On May 8th, a judge granted Team Spears’ request for a temporary order that demands Lutfi stay away from Britney, her family and sons.

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