Britney Spears’ conservatorship case becomes increasingly more complex. 

A status hearing this month to discuss Britney Spears’ conservatorship was delayed because officials connected to it are putting together an all-encompassing report that they’ll present September 18th.

People connected to the conservatorship, including her guardians, conservators, doctors and law enforcement officials – people who take part in planning her personal life, financial affairs and medical treatment, are being interviewed. They’ll have to prove to the investigator they acted with proper intentions. It’s worth mentioning TMZ reported that at one point Britney’s situation amid the **********era was so dire, she nearly died. Mind you, that was with the conservatorship in place.

The investigator has their work cut out for them. They’ll review Britney’s medical and financial records, as well as her custody agreements and even contractual obligations (**********). One of the questions the investigator will need answering… if Britney was in such a fragile state, why was she embarking on another Vegas residency? And if she wasn’t on the decline, why the mental health facility stay?

Britney will also participate in an overall mental health evaluation and those findings will get presented as well.

Britney appeared in court in May after the #FreeBritney gained so much momentum that it prompted a judge to put a meeting on the books. During that hearing, the people in attendance were asked to clear the room so Britney could enter and speak with the judge regarding her situation.

The pop star reportedly told the judge overseeing her conservatorship case she was held against her will at a mental health facilityand given medication she didn’t want to take. She also reportedly asked to dissolvethe legal restraints, but was denied. 

Britney’s team is requesting a judge seal the information that will be presented as well as the transcript from the upcoming hearing because it could cause her harm and put her kids “at risk,” The Blastreports. It’s unclear how Britney’s sons could be affected, but her custody arrangement is also under investigation. 

The court docs say: “There is no legitimate reason for the public to have access to any information about (Britney’s) personal or medical information. Such information would undoubtedly fuel widespread publicity and the ability to obtain access to he or her children, as evidenced by the publicity surrounding this conservatorship since its inception and numerous instances of harassment.”

 “[The] release of this information would bring unprecedented media attention…and would be widely disseminated if filed publicly and put (Britney) and her children at risk.”

There is a fear that people with access to this information would try and get closer to Britney.

“That publicity would be highly injurious to (Britney’s) health and well-being, as well as the health and well-being of her minor children.”

They also fear the information would damage Britney’s career.

“Competitive information and musical, artistic works and ideas, the disclosure of which would be harmful to Ms. Spears and her business and musical activities. Knowledge of this confidential information would allow others to leverage that information in future negotiations and could potentially reduced the value for Ms. Spears and her artistic and musical works.”

Following the May hearing, Harvey Levin from TMZ claimed to have intimate knowledge of Britney’s situation. He said on the air that Britney had never been formally diagnosed as bipolar. The clip was removed the same day.

Earlier this month, Britney’s father asked a judge to expand the conservatorshipfrom California to 12 additional states.

The court hearing is September 18th. 

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