Director David LaChapelle says the version that leaked of the original “Make Me” music video is not his.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a rough cut of the first video treatment for Britney’s lead Glory single hit the net – first with a watermark, and then later without.

A few minutes of the original video surfaced in 2016, but in extremely low quality and was available only in fragments. However, the latest upload was in high resolution and appeared to be an entire video concept (minus post-production like color editing, special effects and other finishing touches). It’s not clear who leaked the video or how they obtained the file in the first place, but one thing’s for sure: it caused a major ruckus in the Britney community.

Fans were divided – some felt the overt sexual nature of the clip crossed a line. Others thought the raw *** appeal was refreshing – we hadn’t seen Britney push the envelope to that capacity in quite a while, but most agreed the overall concept didn’t make much sense. The leopard drinking milk? The bull dozer? The eviction notice? Adam & Eve? The cage? We need explanations, but unfortunately we won’t get them any time soon.

Director David LaChapelle is very aware of the leak. He commented on a fan’s now-deleted Instagram post: “not my video sorry,” he said.

See what Exhale is saying about this.

This could mean one of several things:

1.) The version that leaked is incomplete / not his vision. LaChapelle is brilliantly eccentric, a perfectionist, and if a project of his is left unfinished due to outside circumstances, he wants nothing to do with it.

2.) Or… he’s pissed. Not at the video leaking, rather how it was scrapped in the first place. It’s believed Britney and LaChapelle had a creative disagreement which lead to it getting shelved. During filming for the house scene, a neighbor nearby caught some of the shoot on camera. Britney can be overheard saying “I don’t like it!” and calls LaChapelle an ******* after he raises his voice to her. The “Work *****” and “Perfume” music videos were also too racy for Britney after the fact, and those, too, were watered down from their original concepts.

There was also speculation the companies featured in the leaked clip, EOS and Orange Theory Fitness, didn’t want to be associated with such a sexual video.

However you feel about the original “Make Me” music video leaking, whether you disapprove of the tone or are a huge fan of it, there’s no denying this was a significant moment in Britney’s 2019 story. Right now she’s seeking treatment to better her mental health, so the pop star’s focus on new music is on the back burner. This “Make Me” video was a reminder that she’s still very much a force to be reckoned with, and that her videos can still make an impact – even when they venture into the obscure.

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