Britney Spears’ new song “Make Me” is something sensational.


Britney Spears’ new song “Make Me” is something sensational.

Hearing a lead single from the undisputed princess of pop is rare, mystical and in many ways life changing. There are only a dozen pop artists or so that garner followings with massive influence, and Britney is one of them. The innocent turned not-that-innocent seductress rose from the ashes after a very public downfall, and her fans watched every step of the way. The dark days are behind us, and our musical idol is in fighting form, releasing a new single titled “Make Me” feating G-Eazy from her upcoming ninth studio album. We’re invested.

How did the song fare? A few of the BreatheHeavy editors decided to weigh in.

Low and behold, “Make Me…” has finally arrived. It’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for, right? After all the deception and disappointment in recent years, it hasn’t been easy to be part of the Britney Army, but here’s a shining moment for us to rejoice and enjoy things. In under four minutes, we’re treated to earnest Britney vocals, a change in pace from her out-of-the-gate club-ready formula and one hell of a magical chorus. It’s not a game-changer for the pop scene, but it’s a huge leap in the right direction for our girl because, let’s face it, it sounds, looks and feels like she’s found herself again.

A pop/rap *** jam glamorising adultery? Check. Random chipmunk sound effect? Check. Repetitive, instantly catchy chorus? Check. Mid tempo Trap’N’B sound everyone else is doing right now? Check…

One of the strongest pop releases of 2016? Undoubtedly.

On paper, Make Me comes across like a blueprint for anti-pop critic ammo. You can practically hear them exasperatedly declaring it as an example of “what’s wrong with pop music today”.

With pop connoisseur Britney Spears behind the wheel, however, that blueprint was used to create something entirely different, for radio and for Britney’s legacy itself. Why is Make Me so uniquely beautiful? What makes it so striking?

The secret may be in the song writing, of which Britney shares a co-credit along with producer Burns, guest rapper G-Eazy and writer Joe Janiak. A number of recent pop hits are ruthlessly shown up here for their lazy attempts at telling a story with as few words as possible. Make Me packs as many pretty phrases as Britney can realistically speak-sing into each verse, creating some of the richest lyrical imagery in recent pop memory, and building a convincing case for the relationship being described. There’s clear progression and tension, with perhaps only a near unnoticeable conclusion being the only drawback, the song seems to end somewhat suddenly. A very minor flaw though. Make Me is one of Britney’s warmest, most honest vocal performances, fully embodying the role she’s playing (or perhaps reliving?), coming across as wholly authentic, while still accessible and memorable.

After the careful intricacy of the wordy verses, the highlight is the dreamlike chorus, beautifully representing that heightened state of emotion where words are no longer necessary, nor adequate enough, to describe anything anymore.

Waiting for a new song from Britney Spears is like going for ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s. There’s a flavor for everybody, but you walked in knowing exactly what you like. That sweet taste of bubble gum pop is undoubtedly our favorite – has been for years – and we’ve waited in line for years to get a taste.

After months of messy speculation and several leaks, which unfortunately plagues Britney’s professional life more than most of her fellow pop veterans, she finally released her Burns-produced lead single “Make Me.” It features warbling, alien-like chirps (possibly a distant cousin to the “Piece Of Me” chicken squawks) backed by dreamy subdued production and electric guitars. It’s not a fiery club banger like she typically aims for on her initial bouts, and that’s the key ingredient to her evolution in pop music 2016. The breathy coos from Britney pulls the song away from the dance floor, but is susceptible for some seriously dangerous remixes. The Queen is painting a sexual fantasy masked by angelic ooohs, and that’s the Britney Spears we know and love. Britney co-wrote the song with the song’s feature collaborator G-Eazy, Burns and Joe Janiak, which features vivid lyrics about skies and hearts on fire – it’s a love song about that initial feeling of free-falling in love, and what’s better than a Britney Spears love song?

“Make Me” is vanilla, strawberry and chocolate all in one bite. And adding a rapper that wasn’t Iggy Azalea is the cherry on top.

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