Britney Spears Has An iPhone 6 Plus

The Queen has a show in Las Vegas tonight, but girl’s gotta eat!

Britney grabbed lunch at Honshu Sushi in Chatsworth, CA today with her dad Jamie Spears. She rocked a pair of high-tops, jeans and a top borrowed from someone’s grandmother, and we love her for that. That’s not even the issue here. The problem is namely the iPhone 6 Plus she’s parading around. Britney Spears doesn’t need to be carrying around that mini iPad, let alone one with a pink polkadot case. That **** must weigh at least a pound. No, no, no Britney.

At the very least, post a selfie! They take great selfies.

Britney promptly hopped on a private jet and flew to Las Vegas afterwards.

Image via X17online

Do you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? If you have an Android don’t bother replying.