Britney fills in the blanks.


Britney fills in the blanks.

Ahead of her very own Q&A, Britney answered a couple of questions for People magazine. Though there was no mention of her new single “Make Me,” Brit does comment on her favorite part of the Private Show fragrance, her favorite guilty pleasure food and of course her precious jewels.

My favorite note in this new scent is… “The coffee note because iced coffee is my go-to drink before a long day of rehearsals.”

My biggest beauty splurge is… “A Facial. I love a great Oxygen facial.”

My favorite discovery in a Las Vegas casino is… “A dark chocolate & sea salt candy bar.”

My guilty pleasure food, even when I’m prepping for my Piece of Me performances, is… “Crawfish because it reminds me of home.”

Of all the looks I’ve worn over the years, the one I’ll keep forever is… “‘…Baby One More Time’ because it’s what really started it all.”

I love to show my swimsuits off because… “I’m a lover of water.”

My most treasured item is… “My boys! Self-explanatory.”

My favorite food to cook with my sons is… “Probably tacos. They are just simple, fun and they love them.”

The best compliment that my sons have ever given me is… “That they love me.”

The best thing about being 34 is… “Everything.”


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