The low down on “Love Me Down.”

Britney’s Glory album is considered part of the Holy Trinity (along with In The Zone and Blackout) because it’s jam-packed with sonically superior bops. One of those is “Love Me Down,” a stellar dance track co-created by singer-songwriter Jesse St. John along with, Evan Kidd Bogart, Jessica Karpov and Andrew Goldstein (Goldstein is also responsible for producing it). Shout-out to Glory‘s A&R, Karen Kwak – she’s responsible for getting St. John to conjure up this magical mantra after Britney was originally supposed to sing “Secret” (which ultimately went to Charli XCX).

According to John, “Love Me Down” was slated to be released as a summer single, but the Glory promo came to a halt after “Slumber Party,” and that’s a real shame.

John opens up to BreatheHeavy about the song’s creation process, Britney’s contributions and more. Read the interview below:

What was the experience like finding out that Britney wanted to record a song you helped create?

I wrote a song called “Secret” for Charli XCX, but I originally wrote it with Britney in mind. I had a meeting with Karen Kwak, the famous, incredible A&R. I played her “Secret” and she was like ‘this is so sick. Send me it and I’ll play it for her.’ I think maybe a week later we got a call from Charli and she was like, ‘this song is sick, I’m going to release it in two weeks.’ It was an immediate turnaround. I was like, ‘oh well, uh, err… I want Britney Spears to do it, but I want you to do it…’ so then I called Karen and was like, ‘Secret is being released by somebody else,’ and Karen was like, ‘well you better replace it!’ And I was like ‘cool, no pressure.’

So I went to the studio and I kind of knew what Britney likes, which is so surreal to say cause like, what?! I knew she liked Selena Gomez and she loved the Nicki Minaj and David Guetta song “Hey Mama.” So I was like that would be dope to find a balance between those and make something really cool and modern, but I also love “The Hookup” from In The Zone so I was like, that would be cool to do a “Hookup” type of vibe. Sent it to Karen, Karen was like, ‘this is a ******* smash. It’s the last song she’s recording for the album.’ I think maybe a month later we got the vocals back and it was just everything in the world and I cried.

That must be wild to envision a song in your mind and then have Britney Spears bring it to life.

Her voice is just so iconic. It’s one of the most recognizable voices in the world. Just to hear it on something that I made up those words… it’s like what?!

What was the experience like knowing you have a mission to create Britney a song for her album?

So Andrew Goldstein, who I work with a lot, he produced this song, he actually kind of had the skeleton of the track and then he kept humming… and I said, ‘it sounds like you’re saying my baby gon love me down,’ and he was like, ‘I wasn’t, but that’s dope!’ So then honestly I think the whole song was written in 20 minutes.

I feel like a lot of amazing songs are written very quickly.

There’s really no right way. I’ve had some great songs that come alive over the course of three days. The way that I usually love to write is in short spurts. Just get out exactly what you have in your head and make a song, even if it’s not good, just to get it out of you, because you can always go back and tweak it, you can go back and rethink it, revisit it and be like ‘oh this isn’t how I feel right now.’ But yeah I write fast, and I like to write for a short amount of time.

Is there a particular lyric in “Love Me Down” that stands out to you?

The part that Britney made up is my favorite, which is the really… low… down.

(Hear it at 2:15)

If she had done a video for it, what would you have liked to see?

It was supposed to be a summer single. I kept thinking, ‘what if she did a dance version of the ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know’ video? That’s one of my favorite videos of hers. Obviously when a lot of people think of Britney, they think of ‘Toxic’ diamonds or the snake, or the school girl, but I always think of ‘Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know’ and ‘My Prerogative.’ When she was releasing Glory, she was just so in control (I felt) and so ****. Body, face, hair, she was just on fire. I was like imagine her with minimal makeup, super glowy, tan and ****. I was seeing this super simple, beauty, hot sun-kissed video. That would have been so sick.

I think people hear it and they think club, dance vibes, but it would have been hot to give it this super beachy treatment.

If you had the opportunity to write for her new album, would you have a specific theme in mind?

MMMMMM. I don’t know if I can talk about it.

Of course you can!

Uhhh there are certain things that I can’t talk about.

Well… silence says a lot! I got you.

What do you think about the Free Britney movement?

My only thoughts about it are that I’m happy that everyone’s talking about her and literally she’s my icon since I was a little kid so as always I literally want the best for her.

We also asked John about collaborating with Kim Petras. Keep an eye out for that in our forthcoming interview with Kim out later this week.

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