We’re poking around in some recent reality lunacy today, because you don’t already have enough things causing outrage in your life.

With that in mind, we start with Britney Spears. As in, haven’t we had enough of Britney Spears?

Apparently not, at least according to UPN.

If you hadn’t heard, Spears, who keeps saying she wants some privacy, will do a six-episode reality show for UPN that, according to the network, will share the “personal love story” of Spears and new husband Kevin Federline. OK, first thing. It’s not “personal” when it’s on a reality show.

UPN’s statement, says the couple will show “exclusive, never-before-seen private home videos they shot themselves during their courtship, engagement and wedding.”

See, I think they don’t actually know the definition of the words “personal” or “private.”

Anyway, the press release includes a picture of the happy couple cuddling fairly intimately and, already, it’s more than I need to see. But Spears is determined to show more of her privacy.

“From the day Kevin and I met,” she says in the release, “there have been constant rumors and inaccurate speculation about our lives together. I feel that last year the tabloids ran my life, and I am really excited about showing my fans what really happened.”

Can’t wait. UPN says the series will air sometime later this season, and will be repeated on sister networks MTV and VH1.

“I am now going to be expressing my personal life through art,” Spears says. So, then, she doesn’t know the definition of the word “art” either.

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