Such a classic tale.

Such a classic tale.

Britney Spears has yet another fragrance under her bedazzled belt. It’s a spinoff of ‘Private Show’ titled ‘VIP Private Show.’ The original debuted last July. She took to Facebook to reveal the news:

“Excited to announce my new fragrance, VIP Private Show! Coming soon!”

No word on what it smells like yet, but it’s clearly not a Britney-branded men’s cologne I’ve wanted since forever.

In January, the pop star unleashed ‘Fantasy In Bloom.’

In 2012, it was reported Britney’s fragrances raked in more than $1.5 billion, so five years later… it’s safe to say she’s crossed the $2 billion threshold. BILLION.

Here’s a list of all of her perfumes:

Midnight Fantasy
Hidden Fantasy
Circus Fantasy
Fantasy Fantasy
Island Fantasy
Fantasy: Anniversary Edition
Fantasy: The Nice Remix
Fantasy: The Naughty Remix
Fantasy: Stage Edition
Rocker Femme Fantasy
Fantasy: The Intimate Edition
Maui Fantasy
Fantasy In Bloom
Curious: In Control
Curious Heart
Cosmic Radiance
Private Show
Private Show VIP

What’s rent? Take my money.

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