It’s been a while…

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In January, Britney announced her Las Vegas show, **********, is on hold until further notice. Until the pop star’s father, Jamie, fully recovers from a major health complication, Britney won’t be working (an indefinite work hiatus, *****). That means her forthcoming album is also on hold, but a new report from Us Weekly claims Mr. Spears is on the mend, giving Britney the freedom to return to normalcy sooner than later.

“She has no regrets about postponing her ********** residency to spend time with him, but she is excited to get back to her career and doing what she loves most,” a source tells the mag.

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Justin Tranter is executive producing the new LP. Tranter, the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, has crafted some seriously major hits in recent years, including “Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Christina Aguilera’s “Right Moves” and countless more. He also played a major role in writing songs for Glory. Fans consider Glory one-third of the holy trinity in Brit’s catalogue (the others being In The Zone and Blackout, obviously), so this is good news.

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Tranter wouldn’t comment on when we can expect to hear the new LP, which fans believed was slated for some time in 2019, but because of Brit’s downtime that could mean a pushback to 2020. He did have this to say: “I’m beyond excited to be involved.”

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The Us source also commented on Britney’s relationship with Tranter, saying she’s been “quietly and slowly working” on her new album. “She is looking forward to getting back in the studio and releasing that once it’s complete. She feels very comfortable working with Justin and loves his work.”

They also added that Britney “misses performing for her fans,” but the hiatus “turned out to be a much-needed break for her… She was going, going, going nonstop for four years with her Piece of Me residency, so it would have been a lot to jump right into the next one. She is grateful for her fans’ understanding and that her dad is finally getting back to his normal self. Her family is stronger than ever after this very scary time.”

In a separate interview with ET, Tranter kept quiet about working with Britney, but called her a musical genius and said he has a rule to not speak about an artist’s work until they do (see his interview below). He did tell BreatheHeavy fans can expect “Chill bops. Full on bops. The whole spectrum of bops!”

Tranter is also enlisting Blackout producer Danja for B10. Read more about that here.

Britney’s longtime manager, Larry Rudolph, confirmed Tranter’s role on B10 in a previous interview. Rudolph wouldn’t say when a new album is expected to arrive, but did mention Britney would not be recording during the break.

“Everything is on hold right now until Jamie is better,” he said. “But once he is, she will resume working on the album with Justin. Right now, she’s taking some time off to deal with these family issues.”

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Often times, an artist uses an unfortunate situation to fuel their recording sessions. It could be a golden opportunity for Britney to make lemonade right now – use the work hiatus as therapy / a means of finding inspiration – but it’s understandable she has other priorities to tend to right now. With Tranter helming the project, and offerings from Danja, it’s promising the next record will be jam-packed with iconic hits!

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