Something fishy is going on.

Where there’s smoke, there’s FIYA!

No matter how old we get, there’s always hope Britney and Justin will reunite in some capacity.

Last year, it looked promising. During a Q&A with fans around the time Glory dropped, Britney was asked what producers/music video directors she’d like to work with. The “Slumber Party” singer misunderstood the question and mentioned Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, Gwen Stefani and… Justin Timberlake (she labels him “very good”).

E! News followed up. They alerted Justin of what Britney said at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his Netflix concert documentary film, and his reaction was priceless. “She did?!”, Justin responded after E! told JT Brit said she wants to collaborate. “Sure! Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “I have a 17 month old so I don’t get the headline news.” He added, “I apologize for not being in the know…I’m accessible, give us a call!”

Then months later, Britney crushed our dreams; it was a big misunderstanding. “One of my friends asked me if I would do a song with [JT] and I said yeah,” she said. “So they took it as I really wanted to do [it]. And that would be fine but yeah, I think it’s just a lot of talk…” When pushed for an answer, she quipped: “You never know!”

That shut fans up for the time being, but something’s up. There’s reason to believe Justin Timberlake took Britney Spears up on that collaboration offer, and it could be overseen by Timbaland. JT is currently in the studio cooking up new tunes with the Grammy Award winning producer for his forthcoming album, and one of them could feature the princess of pop.

Here’s what we know:

■ Timbaland went on a “liking” spree on Instagram. He double tapped more than 100 photos of Britney and Justin.

■ That liking fiesta occurred on the same night Tim hit the studio with JT, Pharrell Williams, Danja and Chad Hugo.

. . .

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Super-thug was everything to us when that one dropped. His style was so opposite of tim's I didn't get it.. i later understood and became equally obsessed with the sound and more importantly how they went beyond hip-hop.

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■ Justin’s mom Lynn Harless also started “liking” photos on Instagram, and began following Britney, Jamie Lynn, mom Lynne, Kevin Federline and Brit’s assistant Felicia Culotta. We can’t confirm yet if @lynnharless is officially hers or not yet, but she has a Facebook account and it’s the same default photo. Highly suspect.

■ The most bizarre occurrence? Timberlake Re-Tweeted a Tweet he posted four years ago about Britney, then moments later reversed the RT. The Tweet was originally posted in 2013 after reports swirled claiming JT called his famous ex a *****. Here’s that quote: “Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out, that she is just some *****!”

*IF* Britney and Justin are making a song together with help from Timbaland, it’d make major waves. It’s worth noting Britney is finishing Piece Of Me this year and could spend 2018 working on her tenth studio album and release it in time for the 20th anniversary of Baby One More Time. What better way to make a splash than a stunt like this? I honestly can’t think of anything.

Either they’re working together, or everyone is just really really high.

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