Hey Y’all, here’s a unique Mother’s Day gift idea: Mom would just love Britney Spears’ belt! It’s not a replica; the preggers “Oops” singer has gotten so big that she generously donated her actual belt to an online auction to raise money for needy people. You may just want to buy it for yourself, considering the fact that if you wear Britney’s belt, you might attract a hunk like Kevin Federline! Britney signed the belt, so it’s valuable even if it doesn’t fit you or mom.
In addition, you have the chance to participate in one of this year’s most important news stories! Yes, in the midst of all the recent speculation on whether or not Jennifer Garner is pregnant, you can buy the “Alias” star’s belt, and judge for yourself if her midsection is expanding. Jennifer scrawled her secret feelings of fashion inadequacy on the belt: “Sorry for this not very exciting belt. I don’t have any old ones because I’ve never needed help keeping my pants up and besides, a belt is supposed to match shoes? A bag? Too complicated…I hope my poor belt gets picked…”
You can also buy the belts of Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Ellen DeGeneres, Mischa Barton, Donald Trump and many others.

Credit: elitestv.com

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