Jamie Spears can no longer make legal decisions for his daughter.

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Britney Spears. On August 24th, Britney’s doctor suddenly died just days before a court will review his medical report in connection to the singer’s conservatorship.

A day after, Jamie Spears was involved in an altercation with Britney’s son Sean. He reportedly violently shook Sean, which resulted in Kevin Federline getting a restraining order against him that protects both Sean and Jayden. As it stands, Mr. Spears cannot have any contact with the boys for three years.

That threw a wrench in his duties as Britney’s conservator. Because he is a danger to the boys, he cannot properly care for Britney seeing as she has partial custody. Mr. Spears proactively asked the courts to meet today so he could temporarily step down and pass his responsibilities onto a woman named Jodi Montgomery. He officially cited health issues as the reason for stepping down.

At Monday’s hearing, the judge granted Montgomery conservatorship over Britney. Jamie’s filing claims Britney is on board with Montgomery taking over.

There’s several important things to consider:

1.) Montgomery could very well be a stranger to Britney (although she is being described as Britney’s long-time “care-manager”), yet she is now in charge of Britney’s personal life and finances. In the eyes of the law, Jodi Montgomery is essentially Britney Spears.

2.) It means mom Lynne is not the conservator. It is suspected Britney wanted that instead. However, it’s worth mentioning that not having a family member be in charge of Britney could uncomplicate things for the family, so perhaps this was the best course of action.

3.) Curiously, if Jamie is deemed unfit to be Britney’s conservator, then it seems odd he has the authority to pass the baton to someone he chooses (and has access to).

4.) Fans believe Montgomery has been the target of conservatorship abuse in the past, so she has many eyes watching.

Federline’s legal team did not object to Montgomery becoming conservator right now, but they are gathering more information as it affects the children.

Lynne’s legal team was also in attendance.

At one point during the hearing, the court room was cleared because Britney’s medical information might be discussed, as well as things related to her two minor sons.

The Blast reports Britney’s siblings, brother Bryan and sister Jamie Lynn, were both notified about today’s hearing.

According to the docs, Montgomery can “limit visitors by any means, provided that (Jodi) shall not prevent (Britney) from meeting with her court appointed attorney.”

She can also “have the power to retain caretakers for (Britney) on a 24hr/7 day basis. The power to retain security guards for (Britney) on a 24 hour/7 day basis” as well as gain access to Britney’s “medical treatment, diagnosis, and testing,” including her “psychiatric” treatment.

Jodi Montgomery’s role is temporary. A judge will decide on January 31, 2020 if she should remain, if Jamie Spears is fit to reclaim his role, or something else entirely.

Another hearing is scheduled to take place on September 18th.

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