Britney Spears’ latest hearing regarding the conservatorship was a baby step towards its dissolution.

Fans attending the #FreeBritney rally outside the L.A. courthouse were hoping for some major news, but for all intents and purposes it appears the restraints Britney is under will remain until at least January 22, 2020.

Jamie and Lynne Spears appeared in court in opposition today to discuss Britney’s conservatorship. It is believed Lynne wants access to Britney’s medical information and attended on behalf of her daughter.

Britney did not personally attend.

Mr. Spears’ team asked that the courtroom be sealed because the information discussed would pertain to Britney’s “mental issues,” the singer’s “business interests” and “highly sensitive issues” related to her two minor sons.

The judge granted the motion because Britney’s privacy outweighed the public’s right to the information. She also granted a motion to seal transcripts, and is seeing to it that the January hearing remains sealed as well. Any reporters attending the hearing were asked to clear the courtroom.

Today’s meeting was meant to discuss an overall evaluation regarding the pop star’s mental state, however Britney’s doctor, a key player in this situation, died suddenly and unexpectedly last month. An evaluation on the people connected to the legal restraints was also originally on the agenda.

Mr. Spears recently stepped down as the personal conservator over Britney (he is still in control of her finances). He passed the role onto a woman named Jodi Montgomery – she will be the temporary conservator until January 31, 2020. There is speculation Jamie will reclaim his role at that time.

The switch in power happened after a judge granted Kevin Federline’s request for a restraining order barring Mr. Spears from having any contact with Britney and Kevin’s two sons following a physical altercation between Sean and Mr. Spears.

Us Weekly reports Britney wanted Mr. Spears removed “immediately” as the conservator over her estate. Lynne is reportedly not interested in taking over. She “feels it’s in Britney’s best interests” if the conservator is a “neutral third party,” the site continues.

“Jamie isn’t opposed to being removed as conservator of Britney as the person, but will fight any attempt to remove him as conservator of her estate,” a separate source tells Us.

The District Attorneys office dismissed a case against Mr. Spears this week due to “insufficient proof that a criminal offense was committed by Mr. Spears.”

According to BritneysGram, Lynne left court looking happy.

The next court hearing is January 22, 2020.

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