Britney’s Instagram is under a microscope.

Her most-recent post is a graphic that simply says “Happy Father’s Day.” Normally the pop star includes a caption, but she didn’t this time (some believe it’s Britney being shady).

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Despite Britney reassuring fans that she’s the one posting videos on her account, the Army is still suspicious. The post also follows a claim from mom Lynne who says her daughter’s team is deleting positive comments on Britney’s account in an attempt to make her look crazy to the public.

It’s worth mentioning Britney didn’t post anything for Mother’s Day.

Last week, a judge granted Team B a five-year restraining order against Sam Lutfi. Lutfi’s lawyer says the restriction on free speech is unconstitutional and is considering filing an appeal. Read more about that here.

During Mr. Spears’ testimony, he stated prior to the conservatorship in 2008, he and Britney were not on good terms. “Me and my daughter’s relationship has always been strained,” he said.

It was an interesting revelation because despite admitting having a rocky relationship with Britney, Mr. Spears has remained in control of Britney’s personal and professional affairs. He recently filed to extend the conservatorship into three other states outside of California, including Louisiana (where Britney’s mom lives), Florida and Hawaii.

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If we are to believe Britney is indeed in complete control of her Instagram account, then their relationship has improved enough for her to want to publicly wish him well.

It’s worth mentioning at Britney’s April status hearing regarding the conservatorship, she and mom Lynne reportedly sat on opposite sides of the court room from Jamie.

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