Britney Spears has been rushed into hospital in Sanmta Monica after suffering from stomach cramps.

This is the second scare over her four month old unborn baby, last month she was rushed to hospital amid miscarriage fears.

According to Ananova, Britney was looking after her husband Kevin’s daughter Kori when she began to suffer from stomach cramps.

A source said: “Britney has been taking it easy on doctors’ advice. She was playing with Kori on the grass. She started to look unwell and started holding her stomach.”

“She called Kevin out of the studio to tell him she was getting worse.”

After seeing doctors she was given the all-clear and told to do as little as possible.

People are still out to get Britney though; it has been revealed that Christina Aguilera is refusing to invite Spears and co to her wedding to Jordan Bratman after she was snubbed when Britney failed to invite her to her own wedding last year.

According to FemaleFirst, Aguilera said: “There’s no way she’s getting an invite to my wedding. She snubbed me so I’m going to snub her too.”

Children, children…

Dunno if this is true…

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