Are you ready?

Britney Spears may take next year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show by storm.

This rumor pops up every year, and every year millions of people approve: we want the princess of pop to perform at the Super Bowl. And if the reports are true, she will!

The NYDaily News claims a source tells them the “Slumber Party” singer’s associates have had “secret discussions” with television and advertising execs tied to Super Bowl LII.

“Britney has made it clear to her team that it is a dream to perform at a Super Bowl,” their source said. “She has the hits package and appeal to be a headliner.”

They also add several other “big acts” may join her.

It’s perfect timing. 2018 marks the 20-year anniversary of Britney breaking into the industry with “Baby One More Time.” What better way to celebrate an icon than with a massive performance in front of the entire world? She’s also in tip-top performing shape and doesn’t have any shows scheduled for the new year.

Last year, the BBC Radio 1 asked the queen if she’d be up for it. “Yes, I would probably do that,” she answered.

Game on, Britney!

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