With her due date just weeks away, Britney Spears is happily indulging all her food cravings. “Eating for two is so much fun,” the popstar has said, and it’s certainly showing. “She’s gained a lot of weight,” says a source. Trips to Koo Koo Roo chicken restaurant in L.A. are frequent, Starbucks frappucinos with whipped cream have become a staple, and chillatos — ice cream shakes that weigh in at about 1,822 calories each — are a new favorite for the formerly svelte singer, sources say. No doubt, pregnancy can be a relief from the pressures of thin-crazy Hollywood. Other stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kate Hudson seemed to have enjoyed the luxury of indulging healthy appetites for nine months. But both those A-listers reportedly knuckled down to a strict regime of diet and exercise following their births, in order to meet their film commitments.
Kate, who had her son Ryder Russell Robinson in January of last year, managed to lose an impressive 75 lbs. in four months to film The Skeleton Key, while Catherine, after joking about gaining 50 lbs. with her second child, daughter Carys, worked off the extra pounds in time to film The Terminal.

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