Britney Spears Is An Icon In Q Magazine

December 6, 2004 By Jordan Miller

There are 100 icons and Britney is No.33. You might not think that’s very special, but there are only 3 females in front of her, Kate Bush, Kylie and Madonna.

Here’s what Q says about her: “Teen pop’s biggest icon since Madonna in the early 80’s, Britney’s impact on music and the wider world of celebrity remains phenomenal. How she sounds, how she looks, who she’s marrying (this week)…”

And there’s this quote from Steven Tyler of rock dinosaurs Aerosmith: “Everybody loves to take the piss out of her, but she brings joy to a lot of people. And she’s got a nice ***!”

Their recommended album is ITZ. “Essentials” are: Download – Toxic, DVD – GH:MP and Book about her – Britney Spears Confidential by Molly MacDermot. Thanks

Source – Q Magazine