They had a three-way phone call to laugh at Halsey.

If you think Britney Spears, Iggy Azalea or Demi Lovato got their feelings hurt by Halsey, think again.

The hopeless fountain singer blasted all three pop girls last week in several different interviews. A recap:

The drama kicked off with Halsey’s controversial stance on rapper Quavo. She defended him after his homophobic comments, which looks poorly on the singer considering she’s an advocate for the LGBT community and identifies as bisexual. Halsey later clarified she had no idea Quavo said what he had, but the damage was done. It got worse.

Out of the blue, Halsey came for Iggy: “There’s a lot of people I wouldn’t put on my record. Iggy Azalea: absolutely not. She had a complete disregard for black culture. ******* moron. I watched her career dissolve and it fascinated me.”

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In a separate interview, Halsey insinuated that Britney does not write her own music.

She also slammed Demi Lovato and Katy Perry for exploiting bisexuality in their records. “Oh, yeah. Bisexuality as a taboo. ‘Don’t tell your mom’ or ‘We shouldn’t do this’ or ‘This feels so wrong but it’s so right.’ That narrative is so ******* damaging to bisexuality and its place in society. That’s something I’ve had to fight my whole life and something I still fight.”

Iggy has since clapped back. She pulled a Mariah Carey when asked about Halsey’s words, saying “I don’t know her.” That’s not all. “It’s a bit weird to bring someone up in an interview that you weren’t asked about,” Iggy said. “I don’t know her, I’ve never met her or interacted with her in any capacity so I thought it was a bit of strange thing to kind of throw that out there. But she’s young and you know I hope that she kind of learns maybe to be a bit less judgmental when she’s kind of in the same shoes.” She added: “I’m sure she’s getting judged all the time as well by people who don’t really know her. So I think maybe it will be good for her to try be a little more empathetic to other people that are in the same situation.”

And for a little spice, check out Iggy’s epic new Tweet. A fan asked Iggy why Halsey targeted her and the other pop girls. The Australian rapper doesn’t know, but added she Britney and Demi had a three-way phone call to cackle at Halsey.

“i dunno,” Iggy responded. “me brit, demi etc all got on a call like mean girls and we laughed about it.”

It could be Iggy’s sense of humor, but let’s pray there’s some truth to it. Savage.

Make way for the new Mean Girls.

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