Will Britney Spears go on a world tour?

Britney Spears Hosts A Twitter Q&A

Britney decided to check in with fans during a recent Q&A on her Twitter.

Britney recently finished her ninth leg of the Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas and doesn’t embark on No. 10 until October, so what does a girl do with all that time? Kick it! Miss Britney took a minute to chat with the Britney Army and answer some fun, cool and very interesting questions on Tuesday. Did we expect the “Pretty Girls” singer to announce her new single? There was hope, but instead she told us about the different hairstyles she rocks at the show, working on new music and her upcoming role on Jane The Virgin.

One response that got us LOLing in particular is her answer to plans on a world tour.

Here’s the Q&A: