A book review littered with spelling mistakes written by pop star Britney Spears when she was at primary school will go under the hammer this week.The report – about children’s book “Raymond’s Run” – is full of mistakes, missed out words and grammatical errors and has been scribbled over in green crayon. Her unimpressed teacher has written “Proofread”, Messy and Don’t write on the back” on it and has plastered question marks over the young pupil’s undated work. It is thought to have been written when Spears, now 23, was a grade school pupil in Louisiana when she was eight or nine years old. It goes on sale at auction house Christie’s in New York on Friday and is expected to sell for $1000. Thanks lime-light.org. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Britney Spears Homework up For Auction

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