The princess of pop is enjoying some fun in the sun.

By all intents and purposes, Britney’s personal life is a vortex for scandal and legal drama right now.

Instead of dwelling on the cards life dealt her, Brit packed up and jetted to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a bit of R&R. Paparazzi photographed the singer in a lime green bikini frolicking the beach. Are the people around her aware they’re in the presence of royalty?

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Britney’s father Jamie, who recently stepped down as conservator over Britney the person (he is still her conservator of the finances), recently filed to extend the conservatorship into 12 additional states outside of California, including Hawaii. However, a judge has not yet agreed to that request. We can surmise Britney is not under the same legal restriction in Hawaii as she is back home in California.

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Meanwhile, Britney was appointed a new conservator named Jodi Montgomery. She will have access to Britney’s medical records and can choose who she does and does not see.

Jamie Spears cited health concerns as his reason for temporarily passing his conservatorship duties to Montgomery, however Kevin Federline recently took out a restraining order against him that blocks him from contacting Britney’s sons for at least three years following a domestic dispute between Jamie and Sean Preston. In the eyes of the court, he cannot properly care for Britney if he is deemed a threat to her kids.

Despite the drama, it’s nice to see a smile on our girl’s face.

Check out a few of the shots (via Daily Mail and Backgrid) below:

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