Is Britney Spears kicking hubby Kevin Federline out of her life? A close friend of the pop star has declared for Australia’s NW:
“Britney’s already seen the divorce lawyer. As it stands, the divorce papers are written up and all she has to do is give the word and they’ll be filed in the courthouse. She doesn’t want to divorce Kevin, but if that’s the best thing for her child and for her own sanity, that’s exactly what she’ll do.”

We are leaving the publicists to keep on saying that ‘the marriage is fine’ and move on to see what Kev has been doing lately. His luck isn’t quite helping him, as he has reportedly broken his hand. Not into the kitchen, not while helping mum Britney with the diapers, but in an LA nightclub. However, as long as Kevin is still Mr.Spears, he can brag about that, and he does it in the lyrics of his song “Y’all Ain’t Ready”.

Here’s a sample:

“Go ahead and say whatcha wanna/I’m gonna sell about 2 mil, oh, then I’m a goner. I know you all wish you was in my position/Cause I keep gettin’ in situations that you wish you was in, cousin”


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