It’s Britmas!

While you were sitting on your derrière (in the magazine) watching re-runs of The Real Housewives, Britney Spears and her fam went snowmobiling before getting cozy in matching pajamas.

See? Fierce nasty mommy.

Dashing through the snow searching for Santa!

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BreatheHeavy got ahold of the transcript between Britney and her assistant requesting the plaid jammies she, boyfriend Charlie Ebersol and her sons Sean and Jayden wore on Xmas eve.

Britney: Robin, I need you to throw away the evergreen and white stripped onesies I got for the kids and David. I am dating Charlie now, and he isn’t an extra large.
Assistant: But they were $700.
Britney: I’m sorry, was that input? Remember what we discussed.
Assistant: Well, I… I… I’m sor…
Britney: Anyway look, David’s out, Charlie’s in and I want to send out a pitcher of me and the boys to the fans on that bird website.
Assistant: Twitter.
Britney: INPUT?!
Assistant: I’ll get on it.
Britney: ****! Now get plaid, it’s slimming. I gotta go.
Assistant: Don’t hang up.
Britney: It’s just getting serious?
Assistant: Damn.
– click –

Oh, and she’s still blonde.