The lack of Britney’s presence in music has not gone unnoticed. It’s created a hunger that’s only curved by inhaling scraps of new content unearthed by fans. The latest offering are supposed vocal stems from the princess of pop’s most recent album, 2016’s Glory.

The stem collection, which includes adlibs and altered vocals, features:

The “Liar” and “Better” adlibs stand out the most. That vocal performance 👏

A quick Google search for ‘Britney Spears Glory stems’ pulls up a plethora of warbly filtered content, so take this new material with a grain of salt. I guess something is better than nothing?

BreatheHeavy Community member @BritInUrArea was the first to post the stems in Exhale.

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  1. To me, this is gold. I swear Britney is getting into Michael Jackson popstar status territory, meaning that whatever we can get from her will be a million (billion) times more valuable as years go by because everything about her life and art is so protected or limited to the public.

    1. Oh and here goes a rant. I cannot believe that, in these circunstances that I just mentioned, and being an original fan, I have to play freaking Sherlock Holmes and spend so much time finding all these tracks or leaks or whatever… Shouldn’t we be sharing these openly in like an organized way?? I can’t believe we have to look for them on our own and being careful of not getting corrupt or altered or misleading files. We, the Britney Army, should be an organized and loving community. Or am I missing something??

        1. Thank you for answering, but when I wrote my comments I had already entered that website and I did not find these tracks. They are not there now either.
          I know there are copyright issues but there should be a way to share these because we’re FANS, so it’s an interest based on love and support. We do not look for these tracks so we can pay less or nothing at all, and it’s not like these will be available anyway. Her management should already know that.

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