The princess of pop’s perfume empire expands.

The marketing team in charge of Britney Spears’ fragrance empire deserves a raise, because they’re relentless.

Britney Spears is reportedly taking 2020 to focus on regaining control over her personal life, but the Britney Brand is still producing products for purchase. Every six months or so, the pop star’s company releases a new perfume. The latest is Glitter Fantasy: a spin-off of Fantasy. It’ll reportedly debut worldwide this month or early February, though some fans were able to get their hands on it already.

BreatheHeavy Community member @samcaluwe was the first to post about Glitter Fantasy in Exhale.

An unofficial Britney merch store named BS Avenue has it available for pre-order. It’s unclear if Glitter Fantasy will be made available for purchase in the US.

There’s also a rumored promotional composite photo of Britney, though no one can confirm if it’s official or not.

It’s also unclear what Glitter Fantasy smells like. If you could bottle up the song “Anticipating” with a unicorn fart it’s probably something like that. We’ll update this post with more details when they become available.

The Fantasy fragrance line has 18 versions now. You ready for this? They include Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, Hidden Fantasy, Circus Fantasy, Fantasy Twist, Island Fantasy, Fantasy Anniversary Edition, Fantasy The Nice Remix, Fantasy The Naughty Remix, Fantasy Stage Edition, Rocker Femme Fantasy, Fantasy Renner Edition, Fantasy Intimate Edition, Maui Fantasy, In Bloom Fantasy, Sunset Fantasy, Fantasy Pride Edition and now Glitter Fantasy.

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  1. Hey B-Army! I know you will love my new fragrance! It’s the perfect sent to start your 2020! In fact, it’s my most personal scent to date. – Brit ❤💍🎀👑👡👙💅

    1. B-girl I love you and no tea, no shade but i am traumatized by the word “personal”. Especially coming from you. 😂

      It’s the first time i heard about “Fantasy Renner Edition”??? 😳

  2. Hello BreatheHeavy community! I’m @triptoyourvoice on twitter and that photo is definitely not a badly photoshopped photo I edited in 10 minutes to troll the B Army 😳

  3. This is getting out of control. “Glitter fantasy” sounds terrible lol And that awful promo photo?! It’s so obvious that that’s not Brit’s body. It’s terrible!! Her team is so f*cking cheap LOL

    The good thing is that the bottle looks cool.

      1. Her team are useless but I kept saying fans on Instagram blame them for this perfume and they kept bringing up the Free Britney movement too. Elizabeth Arden distribute the perfumes and I’m sure Britney has nothing to do with this one.

  4. Am I the only one gagging over this selection this unofficial store has? I mean, shady af but because of it I learned that Kohls has a ton of interesting Britney shirts.

    1. I placed my first order with them a few days ago and I’m overwhelmed. Got tons of free gifts with my order : Britney stickers, Britney fragrances testers, Britney balloons… But I think this store is mostly interesting for European people since they have so many items only available in the US.

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