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RCA Re-issuing Britney’s “VMA Eazy” Remix To Pop Radio

RCA is calling it “VMA Eazy” and says it’s “the remix you asked for!”


Hush just stop.

Britney’s VMA performance Sunday night might not be billed as iconic like some of her past stints, but she was there to do a job and she did it well.

Her energy, charisma and sexiness was perfectly packaged in a glittery neon-yellow ensemble while she strutted around the stage (and G-Eazy’s junk) singing “Make Me” with the Oakland rapper. It eventually lead into a “Me, Myself & I” remix with Brit’s newly-recorded vocals blaring through Madison Square Garden then back into the Glory cut. It was a solid performance, and RCA wants to ride the wave. Their new mission to promote “Make Me” includes releasing the studio version of the audio from their performance to pop radio, HeadlinePlanet reports.

RCA is calling it “VMA Eazy” and says it’s “the remix you asked for!”

My first initial thoughts besides a resounding “I pass” is it’s time to focus on the next official Glory release then. Y’all ready for “Slumber Party?”

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