Things take a turn for the worse.

The #FreeBritney campaign lit up social media and national television this week. The BritneysGram podcast received information from a paralegal who once had ties to the law offices overseeing the pop star’s conservatorship claiming Britney was placed there against her will since mid-January.

A new report from The Blast, a website typically known for accuracy in legal-related reporting, seems to corroborate most of what BritneysGram’s had uncovered. However, The Blast has information from a source with direct knowledge of the situation that offers a different take on the story, and it’s unnerving to say the least.

Read what Exhale is saying about this.

The newest claims

The Blast says around the time Britney’s people were negotiating the ********** contract, it became clear to them that Britney’s life was getting “out of control.” They say “she was in no position, due to her mental health, to handle the workload or perform.” If true, it’s curious they would sign on the dotted line knowing she was in no state to perform.

The Blast via their source also claims Britney was displaying behavior similar to her deteriorating state in 2008 before being committed to a psychiatric ward.

They say Britney’s advisers feared if she did not seek treatment immediately, “she would be dead.”

The Blast via their source adds that anyone who was in contact with Britney at that time would agree she “had not been taking her medication as prescribed, including taking the wrong amounts of medication, and her overall mental health had ‘deteriorated’ to a dangerous point.”

It’s worth mentioning Britney was not very active on Instagram around this time, but on the surface it does not appear she was on the brink of death.

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The smokescreen

In November 2018, Jamie Spears became seriously ill when his colon spontaneously ruptured. You may recall Britney’s reasoning for cancelling the show was to take care of her father who she said nearly died. The Blast says around that same time, Mr. Spears and the team recognized Britney’s current state and felt compelled to “take action.” They also say Britney met with “several doctors” and had been placed on “several different medications,” but the ongoing maintenance of her condition was not being properly executed.

It’s unclear what that means, however here’s where things begin to crumble. The Blast says her team was “worried that the full severity of the situation would leak to the media,” so they “floated the story that [Britney] was seeking treatment because she was distraught over her father’s illness.” They’re told “the story was fabricated as a smokescreen to the truth.”

That’s a nice way of saying they lied.

From Team Britney’s point of view, they are trying to protect her, but in doing so they’ve created a false narrative and expected people to believe it without question. That’s unsettling and makes fans wonder… what else have they lied about?

And if Britney was not on the verge of dying like The Blast’s source claims, than this is a smokescreen within a smokescreen.

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Why now?

Why was Britney’s mental health allegedly spiraling during the ********** era? The Blast claims when Britney was stable, it was due to “a specific set of lawyers, doctors, and professionals who helped navigate her personal and business affairs,” however when her dad fell ill – she had less supervision.

“The balance of authority had changed” and “the people in charge of [Britney’s] daily schedule did not take into account her deteriorating condition.” They add Britney needs a psychiatric specialist around her “seven-days per week.”

“[Britney] was given increasing amounts of freedom and left to her own devices, and we’re told it ‘was a recipe for disaster,’ and unfortunately disaster struck.”


BritneysGram’s source said Britney driving is a big no-no, and The Blast’s source doubled down. They said “anytime she would drive she would get in trouble.”

The day after Britney announced she must postpone **********, she was seen driving with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, through an In N Out drive-through.

The Blast says there was no security guard with her, however there are paparazzi photos from earlier in the day in which Britney is in fact accompanied by Sam, and a bodyguard.

In her 2008 documentary, Britney said she feels the most free when she’s driving.

End in sight?

When TMZ first broke the news, they claimed Britney had entered treatment one week prior to their report, and said she’d be in the facility for 30 days. That contradicts the claims from BritneysGram, who says she’s been there against her will since mid-January.

The Blast’s source says “it’s unclear” when Britney will be released from treatment, but adds that she is “not being held against her will.”

However, they do say Britney was “not fully on board with checking herself in when it was initially discussed.” That also contradicts the report that Britney entered treatment on her own volition, unless of course she had a change of heart.

The Blast says Britney is being “observed” and professionals are assessing the appropriate cocktail of medications before releasing her. BritneysGram’s source said Britney stopped taking her medications, and that was one of the major contributing factors why ********** was shut down.

A separate report, from RadarOnline, claims Team B is “currently putting together her exit plan because 30 days is coming to an end in the very near future.” They also claim Britney is “overwhelmed” from the #FreeBritney movement, but “doesn’t understand why there is so much drama surrounding her treatment.” It’s worth mentioning RadarOnline is owned by the same company that owns the National Enquirer, AKA tabloid garbage, so take anything they say with a grain of salt.

Final thoughts

I do believe The Blast’s sources are legitimate, and they seemingly confirm what BritneysGram revealed, just with a different spin. They’re claiming Britney was so gravely ill that she was on the verge of dying, however we have indicators (like getting In N Out with Sam, or the ********** rehearsal videos, or grabbing a milkshake at a mall the day the cancellation was announced) that make it hard to believe. And if Britney was not near death, then to claim that she was to justify her stay in treatment is an injustice.

It’s also alarming that their source admits **********’s cancelation, due to her father’s illness, was a lie. Fans were already wary of the team, and if it was a big facade to shift attention then they’ll have an uphill battle winning fans’ trust again.

Playing devil’s advocate… if Britney was near death, then the conservatorship that’s in place failed her. And why push for a second residency if her mental state was so dire?

The problem regarding this entire situation is that there is no transparency, therefore people are left to determine what is fact or fiction based off of reports we’re given and Britney’s brief public appearances / Instagram posts. The best way to appease the people is to do the very thing Team B seems so desperate to avoid… let Britney speak for herself.

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