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Britney Spears Foundation room at the Onyx Hotel in
Boston, MA is open.The room was designed by Lynne to resemble Britney’s bedroom at home in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Britney and Kimpton Hotels were on the same wavelength when dreaming up names for their most recent ventures. With a combination of pure coincidence and kismet, both selected the onyx stone as their namesake – Britney, for her international concert tour, and Kimpton, for their new hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both were attracted to the mystical qualities of the precious black gemstone that emits various colors of light depending on the light you shine onto it. Each guest who enters the Onyx Hotel shines their own light into the onyx, which in return, makes their fantasies come to life.

Britney’s recent injury forced her to cancel the last legs of her tour, however, the real Onyx Hotel lives on in Boston. Britney’s relationship with the property will also live on through a charitable partnership, including a Britney Spears Foundation Room which opened on July 13, 2004.

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