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-Pushed back to March 20, something involving the Kayne West Collaboration-

This is all presumed to be speculation, all pretty believable. Our source is Enelyn, she heard it on German radio. This may be our Mona Lisa Pt. 2. Alot of nay-sayers, alot of believers. I think we’ll all be believers come March 2006. Let’s go Britney, Let’s go! I’m thiking #124. Here’s something to make the news sound better.

Jive is putting together a new 11 track album, composed of old, unreleased songs. Britney would rather not, but Jive figures the fans need something new. They want to put together an “original” cover. One without Britney. The UK version will include a bonus track, recorded around the same time as Someday. One of the new songs is to feature Kayne West. Jive plans to release 2 Music Videos as promotion.

This very same radio station report about “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” which days later became official news. They’ve sent Enelyn the image you see above, a bit of a promo poster, a few hours later as proof.

Additional News as of 1:25AM
In addition to the album, we’re getting a DVD to be released April 2nd. “Feeling Free: Britney At Home”. It will include two music videos, a gallery of the People photoshoot (Britney, Kevin,and baby Sean). It’ll feature the faimly at their Malibu home. It’s scheduled to show you how she lives, it’s alot like a reality show on a DVD. The second disc is to include a new song featuring Kevin Federline, 2 Remixes, and rare footage.

The first video is due out in February, Jive isn’t sure of the exact date, but we’ll know on the official site soon. The first single is called “Feeling Free” from the Britney era, it’s about a girl that’s single and has no regrets about it. It may remind fans of “Lonely”. The 2nd Single is a song called “Take Off” from the In The Zone era.

The radio station has loads more information, including the full tracklist, but they can’t be released until it’s on the offical website. They have 5 tracks from the albu, but also can’t release those. The first single is belived to premiere on radio in February. We may find out the names to a few of the tracks.

Then you don’t know the story. Enelyn heard the original info on German radio, she called the DJ as asked for proof, he sent this image, and a little information, he later sent another with more information. If you’re having trouble beliving this, keep in mind THIS STATION ALSO REPORTED ABOUT GH: MP EARLY, DAYS LATER IT BECAME OFFICIAL Pretty safe to say they’re not a “random” source. Take this as you will.

– This is supposed to be the best teenager german radio, waiting for BMG confirmation. Don’t hold your breath, this looks REALLY fake.

Source: britneyspearsforum

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