You ain’t gonna sleep tonight.


You ain’t gonna sleep tonight.

If you’re a member of the Britney Army, Tuesday (Nov. 15) was an exhausting day.

Rumors swirled seemingly out of nowhere Britney’s “Slumber Party” remix featuring Tinashe was slated to hit the Internet on Tuesday.

Later in the day, BreatheHeavy caught wind the princess of pop was rehearsing the number to add into Piece Of Me beginning Wednesday.

Then more chatter about the song surfaced after it was leaked the song’s video shot by director Colin Tilley would drop on Friday.

Britney put the rumors to rest by sharing a red hot photo from the Eyes Wide Shut-inspired video and confirmed the song drops at midnight EST with the video to follow on the 18th.

In the “Slumber Party” remix, Britney’s vocals remain inline with the original, playfully bouncing off Tinashe’s chill demeanor, who subtly sings over Britney. There’s also newly-added vocals at the end.

Listen here via iTunes:

Like Tinashe, we are all wigless and dead.

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