Britney Spears Featuring Janet Jackson Post

July 22, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Album 8 producer, Jean Baptiste, revealed he’s currently working with Janet Jackson in the recording studio. Since we’re on the topic of collaborations, what do you think about Britney teaming up with Janet for a song on the new record?

Here’s a few reasons why this should definitely happen:

1. Janet and Britney are living legends.
Janet Jackson is one of only a handful of popstars whose career spans 15 years or longer (like Brit Brit). There’s only a couple musicians with her magnitude where “living legend you can look but don’t touch” applies.

2. She’s a Jackson.
A collaboration with the King of Pop himself would be a little more ideal for me, but Janet is a damn good second. The media would go nuts with the hype over this!

3. Britney’s looked up to her since she was a teen.

4. Britney still looks up to her at 31.
Britney recently Tweeted Janet Jackson a happy birthday, and says she’s been a part of the Rhythm Nation since forever.

5. This
Britney Spears Featuring Janet Jackson Post