Tints on the Jeep so nobody knows.

Britney Spears Enjoys Family Time Following "Pretty Girls" Shoot

After a few long days of filming the “Pretty Girls” music video, Britney Spears relaxes.

What’s a girl to do after getting to work, *****? Chill, *****. Earlier this week, Britney filmed scenes for her “Pretty Girls” music video on the back of an old red sports car and in a yellow jeep with co-star Iggy Azalea. Looks like B-girl wasn’t satisfied because on Sunday, the “Tom’s Diner” singer and her mom Lynne hung out on the hood of Brit’s Mercedes G-Wagen while they watched Jayden in his soccer match.

The two most likely chatted about Marina and the Diamonds’ performance with Clean Bandit at Coachella, Miley Cyrus’ latest musical teaser and Mariah’s album cover.

They definitely did not discuss this.

Check out a video shot by paparazzi 200 meters away just cause:

Via X17online

I, too, watched Britney Spears for 60-seconds sit on a car because she’s the queen.