Britney got right back to work, *****.

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Britney got right back to work, *****.

The Glory promo tour rages on, this time on the Elvis Duran and The Morning Show in New York.

In the new interview, Britney opens up about her VMAs performance (curiously, I believe this interview was recorded before the VMAs), the material that didn’t make Glory (she admits to recording 30 or 40 songs. I need a minute) and not remembering anything about her 1999 VMA performance.

Read the highlights below via PopCrush then listen to the full interview below:

On the 2016 VMAs performance:
“We wanted to do something kinda different. Something I’d never done before,” she explained. “I got to do some of his song. It just made it more interesting for me. My kids think he’s frickin’ so cool!”

On her Carpool Karaoke:
“We started out with the dancers. They probably didn’t use that part. Did they show me teaching him how to dance? They didn’t? Oh my God!” she yelped. Paging James Corden!

On Glory leftovers:
“We actually had about 30 or 40 songs in the end, and just chose the best ones and our favorites. It took a while,” she explained. When asked later on if the scraps were mind-blowing artsy-fartsy brilliance, she didn’t sound too convinced: “It was personally not some of my favorite things, but some other writers have actually listened and want to give it to some of their artists.”

On the music industry:
“Now that I’m older, I’m up to experiment more. And I’m more creative with the people, just to try different doing things…it’s fun to change it up.”

On her 1999 MTV VMAs performance:
“I think I was with NSYNC. The whole set-up was a classroom, I want to say? My four main dancers were in the front in their desk. When reminded that the performance exists on YouTube, she sounded genuinely shocked: “Oh, it is?! You know, I don’t remember at all. I have no recollection. I couldn’t tell you anything about it.”

One of her dreams:
“I’d like to have more kids. That’s pretty much it.”


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