The 411 on Britney Spears’ new Las Vegas residency, **********.

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Britney’s second Las Vegas residency, **********, at The Park MGM, is shrouded in mystery. The pop star has remained tight-lipped on what fans can expect to see come February 13, 2019, the opening night of her latest Sin City stint, but despite the secrecy… everybody’s talkin’ all this stuff about her.

Here’s what we think we know:

Will Britney release a new album before **********?

Let me just rip the band-aid right off. It doesn’t appear Queen B has any plans to drop B10 before the new show. Britney even went on the record to say she’s having trouble finding the time to record because of her busy schedule.

It’s also worth mentioning the music blogosphere is putting out anticipated albums list for 2019 right now, and nowhere has Britney’s name been mentioned. Meaning, worst case scenario, don’t expect the new tunes to drop in 2019. Join me in living in denial though because that just can’t be. I still believe (still believe!).

********** will feel more street and rhythmic.

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph, who’s lead Britney throughout her 20-year career, described the show with some interesting adjectives. According to him, the show will pack an urban punch.

The creative team responsible for the new aesthetic is Nappy Tabs. They also crafted Jennifer Lopez’s Vegas show, All I Have.

“It’s going to different from the ‘Piece of Me’ show. It’s going to be a little bit more street. A little bit more rhythmic. It’s going to feel a little cooler,” Rudolph said. “But it’s still going to be a classic Britney great hits show. You’ll know every song, the visuals will be incredible, she’ll be at 110 percent in terms of her performance. You’re going to have amazing dancers, costumes, set pieces, video, sound – amazing everything.” 

Larry mentioned the visuals, and while we don’t have any real idea of what to expect, there will be an intricate laser effect incorporated. NT teased a bit of what to expect, and it looks lit. Literally.

The Setlist:

One of the least controlled elements leading up to ********** is the show’s setlist. Usually at this stage in the game, fans have no idea what songs the princess of pop will play, but Britney has been generous with rehearsal footage that clearly highlights some of the ********** setlist.

We know for sure, because of the behind-the-scenes footage Britney graciously gifted, she’ll perform “Slave 4 U,” “Break The Ice,” “Scream & Shout (Remix),” “Do You Wanna Come Over” and “Coupure Électrique.” Britney wore a hospital mask in the video she shared dancing to the Glory closer, and fans wonder if it’s because the lyrics slipped her mind.

It appears “I Love Rock N Roll” will be in **********. One of Britney’s dancers mistakenly shared a moment from rehearsals and used hashtag #iloverocknroll on it.

There’s a very real possibility of “3” making the cut. In that same Instagram story that revealed “I Love Rock N Roll,” fans noticed the same wheelie triangle prop Britney used for that number in Piece Of Me. We love recycleney.

“Gimme More” might have the now iconic “WHO IS IT” fan sample added in (see below). No one can confirm if the original source who made the remix is officially connected to the show or not, but where there’s smoke… there’s fiya.

“Overprotected” is also thought to finally make it back into a Britney show (for the love of Godney please let this be true). NappyTabs sorta did, sorta didn’t confirm so.

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Ticket sales are… alright.

Here’s the elephant in the room. How is Britney Spears, one of the most iconic pop stars on the planet, having trouble selling out opening night? According to the seating chart on Ticket Master, much of opening night is still unsold. Most of her shows look like that right now. What’s the deal? There’s a couple of reasons to attribute to this:

1.) The turnover. Fans haven’t had enough time in between Piece Of Me and **********. If Britney spent a couple of years away from the Las Vegas strip, fans would likely be more willing to shell out the money it costs to travel to Vegas and see the living legend in action. Let’s be real: A quick trip to Vegas ain’t cheap.

2.) No new music. If Britney announced a new single and album leading up to the ********** announcement (of the announcement), fans would turn a blind eye to the coin cost and shell out because OMG BRITNEY’S PERFORMING NEW MUSIC. Yes, when we go see a Britney concert we expect to see the hits, but there’s also a very real expectation to enjoy something unseen/unheard. Not releasing new music and incorporating it into the show is a travesty. Hopefully they surprise us!

3.) The time. We’re still a ways away from opening night, so expect a lot of these blue dots to turn grey as we approach February.

TicketMaster: Feb. 13 Britney Spears **********

3D VIP ********** Ticket

Speaking of tickets… fans have the option to pay for a 3D ticket that displays her logo at one angle, and the infamous joker promo shot at the other. Collection complete!

Now Watch Me

********** is still a few weeks away, meaning this post could (and probably will) become inaccurate and obsolete in the near future.

What are you to take away from our ********** roundup? Britney Spears, a pop star you’ll protect tooth and nail from jabbing comments on the Internet and defend to the end at family dinners, is dusting off her heels (please wear tennis shoes Brit please) and returning to the stage. That’s an impressive feat for anyone 20 years into their career, and to do so in Las Vegas, which is quickly becoming one of the music capitals of the world, is legendary.

It’s easy to comment on ticket sales and suggest what songs we’d like from afar (“My Prerogative,” “Hold It Against Me,” “Toy Solder” please), but the truth of the matter is Britney’s had even more input into ********** than any of her most-recent endeavors. From the looks of it, she’s personally choreographing a lot of the numbers, and according to Larry played a pivotal role in the vibe of **********. That right there’s worth every penny.

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