One **********, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Britney Spears’ axed ********** era produced so many questions that we’ll probably never get an answer to. Did she want to return to Vegas again so soon after Piece Of Me? Did she plan on performing “Overprotected” and “My Prerogative?” Is she on good terms with Nappytabs? We just don’t know, but one of the only remaining remnants we have is the one and only promotional photo now available to view in full.

The picture originated on her management company’s website, so it’s the real deal. It’s unclear when the promo was uploaded to the worldwide web, however fans have just now unearthed it.

There’s a lot of mystery shrouded around this particular image. Fans wonder if it’s a composite of Britney’s face spliced together with someone else’s body, or if it’s 100% Queen B. So far, no other photos from the shoot have surfaced.


A second “unedited” version of the ********** photo has surfaced, this time without the special cropped lines and paint splatter. Check out both versions below, then let us know what you think about them in the comments!

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  1. Neat. Side note, isn’t Maverick the record label Madonna started that made Michelle Branch cry and wouldn’t release her stuff for, like, years and basically destroyed the momentum of her career? It’s the same logo. Also, if I’m not mistaken, I think Mandy Moore was signed to that label after Epic for a brief second before she wised up and was “Oh, hell no” and went on to the defunct label that released Wild Hope. Hashtag Justice for Wild Hope. Hashtag Release Nothing You Are. Hashtag I really do prefer Amanda Leigh TBH and I’m excited to see her work with Mike Viola again. Hashtag just helping you get along with a slow news day even though I should be studying for my boards exam next week. Hashtag having a panic attack. Hashtag BH Community is ruining my life.

  2. Ugh. With all that’s happening to Britney right now after **********, this photo gives me the creeps. This photo has been used in just about every article talking about #FreeBritney when they get to the part about ********** being cancelled.

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