Britney Spears is fine and well, according to new reports.

Today is the princess of pop’s 38th birthday, so instead of re-hashing the doom and gloom surrounding her personal life this year, let’s focus on the positive: Britney is OK and feeling optimistic.

ET published a new report about Britney with information from an unidentified source about how she’s doing. ET has connections with Britney’s inner-circle, so there will undoubtedly be some question marks regarding the report’s intention. According to them, Britney is in a “very stable place.”

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“Britney struggles to keep her life on track, but right now she’s been doing incredibly well. Her family is very proud of the steps she’s taken to get where she is today,” the source said. 

“Britney’s been following her doctor’s orders and is in a very stable place at the moment. She is trying to keep life simple and spend time with [boyfriend] Sam [Asghari] and her kids [14-year-old Sean and 13-year-old Jayden] whenever possible. She plans to spend her birthday with her boys. She wants to just have a nice time with family.” 

They also touch on her relationship with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

“Britney and Sam are truly happy together but he doesn’t want to rush marriage,” the source said of the 25-year-old. “He wants the best for her and they’re just enjoying their time together. Sam loves her and so does his family.”

Asghari posted a video of him and Britney ice skating.

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We live, we laugh, we argue, and most of all we LOVE ❤️ There’s a reason why the world fell in love with you! You might be the princess of pop but mostly you’re my princess 👸 Biggest Happy Birthday to you @britneyspears 🎆 My *** still hurts from falling and breaking the ice 😂😂😂😂 you get it? 😉 #breaktheice

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As for new tunes, fans will have to wait a bit longer.

“While Britney has been talking about a new album there is no immediate plan to go back to work,” the source added. “People always wonder if her announced Vegas residency will ever happen, but it’s been a topic that everyone is shying away from at the moment to take off any pressures. They just want to make sure she is doing well.”

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  1. She was pretty busy for quite a while, she definitely deserves a break to regain control of her mental health. I think at the end of the day most of her fans care most about her well being and we’re pretty patient with waiting for new music.

    1. I was actually just thinking that. ET isn’t necessarily the best source, but I hope she’s doing amazing and getting some of her power back. I believe in Britney outside of the pop machine

  2. Britney has given us everything and more. As a fan I just want her to be happy. If that means taking time off or not releasing music again then so be it. As long as shes happy I’m happy for her.

  3. I want her to be happy and I’m happy if this is true but it’s like whenever these ‘sources’ appear they never have anything new to say.

    There just seems to be a massive disconnect and not in a good way such as with the likes of Adele or Beyonce who you rarely hear from between records yet they’re fully engaged when you do.

  4. I’m sad to hear that there won’t be new music for a while, but as long as she’s happy and well atm, that’s all that matters. She just needs to focus on herself before she can come back with music!

  5. I really hate the way they talk about her. It’s like they’re referring to a child. They don’t speak about her like someone who they want to see get better

  6. I actually teared up a bit while reading this. It is such a relief. I don’t mind not having any new music. I’m fine with repeated plays on her old music and casually rewatching old interviews and performances and stuff. If she’s happy then I can live with rewatching Live from Las Vegas and For the Record for the xth time. Take your time, Brit. Happy Birthday! 💖

  7. Im just as pissed about how they talk about her but I really really hope we get the album (original doll?) one day that honestly, fully explains what the F this woman has Actually been through in her life and how she made it through.
    Britney Spears is an inspiration. Happy Birthday to us!

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